250 VW24 CONSTELATTION prancha

So guys today I was a project that went from the 11 that ls can now in the 13 ls Constelattion VW24-250 Board Finish to transport their agricultural machinery, the board was not great for the sides not as some harvesters possible bring will bring, the same. This is not an error in the log file and comment on what it is the only reward they get to finding mods are comments from the audience thanks.
X – Reduces Board and Welling
O – Lock and Unlock load (can be activated only with an object on the top)
Space – Handbrake
ES Limiter – keyboard Page Up and Page Down


Modelo e Texturas Cabine: Leonardo LS
Modelo e Texturas Prancha: Farm Bozza
Scripts e In Game: Vinicius LS e Farm Bozza
Sons: Giants Software e Vinicius LS

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