Farming simulator 2013 mods

3 Cessna

3 X Cessna (or vehicle traffic FUNMOD)

Basic model of
Cessna 172 Skyhawk
Models by: Willi Office

Basic model of
Cessna C182 Floats Takeoff from Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA.
Models: Boeing777fan

Basic model of
Cessna 172 Skyhawk
Models by Jeroen Hut

To install with the GIANTS Editor.
Converted as well as I could (am not Provi) about Google SketchUp, Blender, GIANTS Editor 5.0.1.

Models very simple so they do not become too large.
Spline is splashing around and adapted for Two_Rivers_LS13.
Cautious on the water, the Cessna C182 Floats makes stopover on the river.
Who wants to change course geschwindikeit must make the GIANTS in editor.
Not move the model, only the spline.

No claim for perfectness.
Ye need not complain about the look of the mods with me,
I have not built, only transformed.
Complaints over Aussehn please, the builder (see address above).

The wiseacres, senior teacher and notorious whiners etc.

No, this is not a Flugsimmulator, ship simulator, car simulator, etc.
What to include in my map or my Lanwirtschaftssimulator or not,
still I decide, and not her.
If I install as tanks, submarines, aircraft carriers, or UFOs, is
which alone my business.
In my travels in LS2011, around the Queen Mary 2, which is now a
Ship Simulator or it’s forbidden?
And when I ask the mods, other users for disposal,
is alone the thing to use them or not,
and certainly not yours.
And that affects all mods that are provided here.
What clean is not where or decides still every man for himself, and
definitely not her!
And where is it written that belongs there??
In the original there is a golf course, with mobile carts, LS?
Just allow the nonsensical comments, which does not belong in LS,
you did not decide to vote, and it does not!!
Unproductive nagging helps nimanden, chased only the modders.
And each time is small in the catch.
And some should be something to work on their Umgangangston,
goes one now so to his fellow men?

To make matters worse you get the mods completely free (GIFT).
Bleats at her birthday or Christmas gifts also constantly around,
or you’ll get no more already?
Even when offered via or similar sites,
paying her a cent for it.
So, why is it here rumgemeckert constantly???
And the area littered comment!

And the usual yet.

Who does not like it or get seasick, it needs dowenloaden not.
Ok criticism and recommendations.
Am not an expert or a programmer, or I would eventually work at Giants.
Everything just Hobby.Ich get there no money for.
And if there is too much bitching, I ask nothing more.
Is inside a lot of work.
And that applies to all modders (except the only steal, and adorn himself with borrowed plumes).
Make himself better, want to laugh sometimes. 🙂
Whoever finds spelling errors may keep them.
And I can not speak English.



Jeroen Hut

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