Allgau Map

Allgau Map

Allgau Map

Allgau Map

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Hi community,

Today I want to introduce you my first map for Ls 13th The map is gewittmet the beautiful Allgäu
The card is completely rebuilt

The map has 38 fields and 5 pastures. There is a small village where you can sell eggs and wool in a small village shop

All high poly to low poly trees trees were exchanged, the people can also play with weak computer.

I have fixed a few bugs in the v1.1 of the PDA does not ncith all but one at least has a small overview of the map and the Set Back function was implemented.

The road network and the map were extended.

Invisible walls have been removed

A small barn was built where you can feed the cows at the feeding trough and can also sprinkle straw.

Map was something rich detail.

The log has with me throughout 7KB. Makes no errors but only a few warnings that have no ausswirkung on the fell.

You can now oh crap spreading it was a crap trigger installed.

IMPORTANT! The dl file simply do the mods folder and start a new game!


Completely new designed scenery
Crops: wheat, barley, canola, corn, beets, potatoes, grass
Animals: cows, sheep, chickens
Sale of the eggs in the village
Sale of wool in the village
Biogas plant function
Land trade with unloading for potatoes and sugar beet
Great selection of vehicles starting on your farm
The rot has been turned off
… Various other features of the LS13!

Tester in Farming Simulator 2013:

– LU compatriot
– Felix

Special thanks to:

– My reliable tests
– LU compatriot for images and video


Bäume: Maxter
Landhandel: Eifok
Elektrozaun: martinbigm500
Gras Texture: Tessman85
Mais Texture: Johni 6530
Kompletter Shop: Giants
Fermenteranlage: Giants
Bäume: Giants
Wohnhaus am Hof: Giants
Zäune: Giants

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