This is a re-skin of an older IH Tarcsa disk to a Allis Chalmers 70\’s offset disk harrow

Yes, Allis Chalmers made disks, planters, balers and other farm equipment in addition to tractors…however in 1985 they were sold to Duetz-Fahr and later that company was sold to management and became AGCO (Allis Gleaner Company).

The model supposedly had a safe-mode/normal mode, but no matter what buttons you push it always remains in normal
mode. (Ploughs) I removed the safemode switch from the lua and translated the key info into english.

This disk works very well, even on steep hills (doesn\’t slide around when I am ploughing) and I don\’t mind that it
is only a normal mode plough since in real life this is a BIG disk and very heavy and would have been used instead
of a plough in certain fields. However, if there is enough interest in this disk, I will edit the lua file and
upload it as a safemode only disk (like a game cultivator) so that people can choose which disk they prefer.

B unfolds/folds disk

N raises/lowers disk

Note: when finished working with the disk, before unhitching from your tractor, be sure to lower the disk – as when
you begin a new game it tries to start out in the lowered position.


Model: Muthig & NH G240 & Jader
Texture: Jader
Ingame: NH G240
Edit: Jader
Re-skin: ccs101

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