Download modification []

It’s almost everything remained as the v1

Only with a few changes:

Field spacing increases.

There trees and hedges have been added. (Hedge of spider100–2)

Pedestrians in the village.

Forklift driving through the BGA ( mod by Ekkehard.

BGA Schild.Von Manu1993Profi


Start new vehicles.

I hope you will like it, I look forward to comments.

Those who wish can also add a few pictures.

The map can also be offered on other forums but only with original download link.

Wish you much fun

MFG Bigblue (Andre)

PS unfortunately it must be a new game started.


Grass Textur – devin
Halle v 1.0 – 818vario
Futterlager – frisco0177
Durchfahrhalle und Kartoffel – ZuckerR├╝benlager – Ganelcer
Gabelstapler- Ekkehard
BGA Schild-Manu1993Profi

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