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Balzer 2000 Pack v 1.0 [MP]

Balzer 2000 Pack

Balzer 2000 Pack

Balzer 2000 Pack

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SMW Modding presents the Balzer 2000. One of the large largest grain carts (non mother-bin) in the world, the Balzer 2000 is the definition of high capacity. After all, what could be better than Fewer trips in between the combine and the truck.
Available in four main colors to match the tractor of your choice, the Balzer 2000 is made to suit your color tastes Whether you like green, red, or yellow tractors. And if none of Those styles suit your fancy, the black version is Certain to go with whatever is leading the way.


Wheel Dust Particles
Working Pipe Light and Blinkers
Overloader Script by Satis
AO Texturing
Proper scaling and Realistic handling
Multi-Fruit Capability (Wheat, Maize, Barley, Rape, Soybean, Oat, Sunflower, Corn, Blackeye Peas, sorghum)

For those of you who want more of the Balzer experience in your harvest surgery, a fully textured model of the Balzer Command Center is included in the ZIP file.
What do you need to run this mod?

Farming Simulator 2013 Version 2.0 Patch
A Tractor with a Rear Hitch (Preferably a Large Tractor)


Model and Texturing—Rafael Zanella
Scripting—Tessfarms, Rafael Zanella, Satis, Alemao, Sivy
Testing—Rocketman, Seriousmods, Dancanman, TessFarms, JDeereboy14, BigCountry and Others

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