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Big Tonys Hagenstedt v 4.2

Big Tonys Hagenstedt

Back again and we have a winner i think this time Folks! My Hagestedt redone again. all new textures for all your fruits, new grass trees buildings breweries bridges. Its a whole new world but with that familiar Hagesnstedt feel. I have taken the time to make sure everything is working properly. There are new sell points, fields, animal zones, BGA everything at your fingertips. The two breweries will take your wheat and barley at a good price. I fixed all the little things that were wrong before including the PDA! Now working properly and all with great detail. Like to thank Omarthefirst the creater of Central Kansas for the PDA. He did a great job. here it is guys … Big Tony’s Hagensted Redux! Enjoy!

Futterlager added as requested by many

Cow zone Fixed

sheep zone tweaked

chicken redifined zone (run free but not all over the yard)

New access routes to differnt parts parts of the map for easier travel

Free hay field (mow or plow. Its up to you

fields numbered and show on map and PDA correctly

2 new Breweries (wheat and barly)

Egg sell point at farm shop and so in village

withering is on

No Traffic

BGA working properly

PDA Fixed!


Bigtonytomato, jeff666 wanderingelf, and Omarthefirst and the fine community over at fs-uk for all the help

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  1. Nick Thornhill

    Awesome map just looked at the map picture and knew it was going to be good and I was right.

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