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Braud SB 60 v 2.0 MR [MP]

Braud SB 60

Braud SB 60

Braud SB 60

Hi all,

Here is the more realistic version of the grap picker Braud SB 60, equipped with her 104 horsepower engine.


The mod contains the grap picker and the shaker.

Additionnal information:

– For turn signal and brake lights work, install the mod “” in the Mods folder.
– The autopilot what turned off
: because it is not compatible with the way of working of this machine.
– The fruit type of this mod is “raisin”. If you play on map who had a different name of fruit type, you must change it in xml of grap picker and shaker too.

Have fun with this mod !!!


Modèle and Textures: Dufffr & aa (FS-FORUM)
Scripts: aa & @lex (FS-FORUM)

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  1. ananymous

    i think he means grape picker

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