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Buehrer 6135A v 1.0 [MP]

Buehrer 6135A

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Hi all,
I think for a long time decided to discontinue my Buehrer 6135A Verion 1.0.

Specifications: (abstract of moddesc)
Year: 11/1978Motor: Water-cooled 4-stroke diesel engine cylinders: 6 | line Displacement: 5675 cc Power: 135 hp DIN | Last Series: 146 DIN PSAntrieb: wheel 4WDBetriebsstunden: 2135HKraftstoffverbrauch: 165 g / hph
Original model by Giants, and more conversion of the model / texture.
LOG AND Flawless [MP] Capable

It CAN happen that the mirrors make the MP problems, to the effect that it lags when you are too close together with another vehicle
Furthermore, the model is not recommended for low-PCs.
A low version will follow but.

It is NOT allowed to modify this mod without request and upload without naming.
The original MH link is always to use, this applies particularly to my “Eastern European friends”

If I’ve forgotten anyone in the credits, so this is not a deliberate evil! Reports you, you will entered accordingly
And finally return to the eternal Meckerpötte / alls and smart asses: Ifs do not like you, then no one is forcing you to play with!


Modell: Giants | Umbau: Tessmann85 | Maxi/Fendt
Reifen: Fiat566
Texturen: Oldmike | Tessmann85 | Devin
Luftfilter: Bayonet
Turbolader: bwph4273
Ingame: Tessmann85 | [FSM- Ls_Chefkoch 2011]
Sounds: EddieVegas
RUL & Halter by Johnny6530
Auspuff: Unbekannt

Special Thanks to:
Ls_Chefkoch 2011
Steven aliasW7k
Team Ls-Werkstatt
Team ls-Mod-Tempel

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