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Jeep Wrangler V 1.02 Forest Edition [MP]

Jeep Wrangler V 1.02 Forest Edition [MP]

Jeep Wrangler V 1.02 Forest Edition [MP]

Jeep Wrangler V 1.02 Forest Edition [MP]

Jeep Wrangler V 1.02 Forest Edition [MP]

Hi LS community, today I have for you the Jeep Wrangler from Mailman in a Forest Edition for you!
I have occupied myself again with the driver animation and believe it to’ve managed quite well.
It is NOT the hand animation installed, but something completely their own, based on the original FarmerPlayer.Was is special about this mod:

Animated drivers (not just arm;-))
Chainsaw from Forstmod
Rotating searchlight
Mouse controlled winch (not for the Forstmod !!)
Winch camera (moves with the hook of the winch)
real mirror
dirty wheels (tires are very dirty very quickly when driving on the field, but when the field left again clean)
Daily and total odometer (odometer)
Warning of low fuel level
Lighting 3.1
Tire dust
real exhaust smoke
Spotlight front
Hand brake (especially useful if you want to pull out another vehicle with the winch somewhere)


3D Models:
Jeep basic model: Mailman
Chainsaw rafftnix, BM Modding, Vertex Design, fruktor, fendt2000, MadMax, iMarwin Who is the modders of the saw right now, I can not say driver Giants tool, winch, Schwaki [112TEC] Forestry Helmet, door chains, Bull catcher, wheels, auxiliary lights, SpiegelEin special thanks goes to Mailman for permission to use his Jeep Scripts: abschlepp.lua Stefan Geiger GIANTS beleuchtungV31.lua Sven777b dirtyWheels.lua model eicher driver.luc Schwaki [112TEC] DrivingParticleSystem.lua Manuel leithner (SFM-Modding) handBrake.lua? hookcam.lua Schwaki [112TEC] lowFuelIndicator.lua Webby Odometer.lua Robert Hostens realExhaustParticleSystem.lua model eicher SetAttachEvent.lua? toggleAnimatedParts.lua Sven777b Washable.lua Manuel leithner (SFM-Modding) wheelParticle.lua? FORSTMOD ChainSaw.lua rafftnix, fruktor ImpactSoundEvent.lua? JoinTrunksEvent.lua rafftnix playAnimWhileMovingTool.lua FireAndIce, rafftnix RefuelMotorSawEvent.lua rafftnix SetCuttingPSEvent.lua fruktor SetMarksVisibleEvent.lua? SetSawContactTimerEvent.lua rafftnix SetSawFuelFillLevelEvent.lua rafftnix SetSawIsRunningEvent.lua rafftnix SetSawIsTurningEvent.lua? SetSawXRotationEvent.lua fruktor StartMotorSawEvent.lua rafftnix StopMotorSawEvent.lua rafftnixSounds: Giants / Mailman / Schwaki [112TEC] Tag: Schwaki [112TEC] ———————– ——— For me, the log is error free!

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