CaseIH 600 AWS Front Linkage

Hi everyone,

This is the Case IH 600 All Wheel Steer with front hydraulic V 3.0

In this version

First realined the complete model, it was offset from center

Second tuned suspension, smooth ride

Third tuned stearing; responce rate slowed down so remeber to lower speed into sharp corners

4th tuned power, will pull almost anything anywhere (note: on some road surfaces it slows down, which i have found to be the case with some tractors, I think its when the road is placed close to the terrain).

5th fixed top link arm in front hydraulics (still not completely perfect, but its there)

I tow krampeBBS900Multi_Fruits with 300,000 liters without a problem.

log file is error free

Thanks for downloading and hope you enjoy the changes


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