Cat Challenger 765b

Hello, LS 2013-players
Today I want to my first converted (converted) Mod vorstellen.Es is a Cat Challenger 765b of pille4.Die permission to publish occurs.

Now for the mod:


Left turn signal (num1)

Right turn signal (num3)

Hazard lights (num2)

Rear work light (num6)

Work light front (num4)

Rev up (image button with arrow)

Rev down (image button with arrow pointing down)

Fuel tank capacity: 446 liters

Rated power: 320 hp (238 kW)
Maximum Power: 330 hp (246 kW)
Speed: 39.6 km / h
LU fishing has changed the Cat in the workshop something and that’s why he travels 50 km / h

Operating costs: 50 euros

The mod has a small Fehler.Wenn you buy it in the shop is a collision when Mod. When you’re gone away but everything is OK and does not otherwise appear in the error also not Log.Wenn someone has a solution for the problem to a PN Write to me!

The mod also has no windows or doors, but since I could not do anything because the Urmodder pille4 has built no.

Here I would like to thank you for sharing with Pill and _ghost_ for help with reconstruction.

He had told me many things and everything but I beigebracht.Gemacht.

And now have fun with the mod


Bennet, Pille , Sven777b , Shangrii ,Claasprofi99,_ghost_,LUTorsten