Cat Semitrailer C SGW Multi

Cat Semitrailer C SGW Multi

Cat Semitrailer C SGW Multi

Multi fruit trailer

Fruit types are as follows:

wheat rape maize barley chaff potato manure silage sugarbeet grass_windrow forage wheat_windrow barley_windrow tomato onion cucumber carrot apple (Apple) sunflower

Capacity 100,000 Liters

This mod is by No Means original all i have done is add some new fruits and change the wheels to match the kenworth truck Cat.

Which original mod created by getsome2030 and was kind enough to allow me to post my version with the new fruit types

All new fruit types have fruit planes and particle system, please forgive me for the apple particle it’s atrocious but it is what i had available at them time.

All credit for original trailer other then my small Refinements goes to getsome2030, thank you GFor to outstanding mod and Allowing me to post my small Refinements



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