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Cattle trucks VT6 v 1.0 [MP]

Cattle trucks VT6

Cattle trucks VT6

Cattle trucks VT6

I’m offering you here a small dainty cattle truck on which I have created with the help of two other mods, will be the FSM Pronar Courier 10 and as seen the actual Mod DIY Pendant of TuneWar.

It remains a self-made. With the trailer your pigs, cattle and horses can can transport. It is very suitable for small farms because it should fit through any door with its dimensions 🙂

This is my first experiment, ie mod and hope that you should, you will find the mistake they forgive me.


Dimensions: approx 4.5mx 2.30mx 1.50m

Volume: 6 pigs 3 horses 3 cattle

Species: Rustic Oak


– Ramp is lowered

Installed lighting 3.1 –


FSM-Team indirekt
TuneWar indirekt

3.7/5 - (4 votes)


MAZ 5516 v 1.0


Kamaz Euro 420 Turbo + Trailer v 2.0

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