Claas Orbis 750

Claas Orbis 750

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Hello community.

The most important to first: Tag release is available.

Since I’ve long been a Claas Orbis 750 but found nothing useful fetched one from LS11 to LS13.

It’s not the most beautiful and best, but very well usable.

This is my first mod, so not quite perfect.


feed particles
and you can chop corn so incredible, but it works.

Unfortunately, I have known two errors which I do not wegbekomme:

1) A Logfahler, but with no impact on the game:
Warning (performance): Raw texture format (C :/ Users / Hagenk├Âtter / Documents / My Games/FarmingSimulator2013/mods/ClaasOrbis750/textures/
2) helper mode when it works together forever, but it will still continue chopped to complete and the wide catchment animation is also across the entire width.


Moddel / texture LS11: unknown
Scripts: Gigants, SFM, Mr. F, Heady
Tag: Stafan Maurus
LS 13 Ready, new skin / DirtSkin Thomas

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