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Claas Orbis 750 Washable Final v 3.1 [MP]

Claas Orbis 750 Washable Final

Claas Orbis 750 Washable Final

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Hello community,

so that at me the other version an error has happened here so I hope completely error-free version of the Claas Orbis 750

Thanks for the error message to me goes to LPG7Oktober.

Changes to V3:

I hope the Dirtskin now looks after dirt, and no longer to rust.

UV – Bug fixed.


feed particles


Animated feed discs

and you can just chop corn with it, no sunflowers, no grain and no grass.

Who does not want or need anything else, it does not even download.

So who needs only a medium, washable maize header with animation collection, and not constantly want to load any packs down, determined Fun has it.


Moddel / texture LS11: unknown
Scripts: Gigants, SFM, Mr. F, Heady
Tag: Stafan Maurus
LS 13 Ready, new skin / DirtSkin Thomas

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