Claas Orbis 750 washable

Claas Orbis 750 washable

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Hello community.

The most important to first: Tag release is available.

Since I’ve long been a Claas Orbis 750 but found nothing useful fetched one from LS11 to LS13.

It’s not the most beautiful and best, but very well usable.

This is my first mod, so not quite perfect.

For those to whom graoss the 900 and the 600 is too small, is the ideal.


feed particles


Animated feed discs

and you can chop corn so incredible, but it works.


Error in log raw texture is fixed and the helper mode is now also correct. Thanks to Dark for Live.

Dirtskin be reworked slightly and is not as dirty quickly.

It may be that even UV error in the log is that I have not only seen, but unfortunately can not be removed, since I experienced neither Maya nor did what. Moreover, no idea. : D

I still have two beta mods folder so it can be that the UV errors come from those

Runs with me but it clean with 75 other mods and the log is max 15Kb

Who does not want or need anything else, it does not even download.

And you please give the comments: “It’s too small, but no one needs.” But I need that one and the one or the other might also enjoy it.

So whom do not disturb the little mistake and an average maize header needs has determined Fun off


Moddel / texture LS11: unknown
Scripts: Gigants, SFM, Mr. F, Heady
Tag: Stafan Maurus
LS 13 Ready, new skin / DirtSkin Thomas