Claas Tucano final Package

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Hi Com,

by popular request I have revised the Tucano and the textures again adjusted so that the colors are true to the original and not so bright

Tucano 440, 900 Vario, Header trailer, 8 row corn head


Duals activated (num_7)

Cruise control: PAGE_UP / down

Work light: (6.7)

tire dust

Work Mode (k)

Flashing lights are switched on at 80%

Reapers autoatach a Rapstisch automatically disappear

Mod is correct! Windrows and shredding please adjust before starting work!

The TUCANO 440:

As individual as your requirements.

Engine: Cylinders / displacement R 6/7, 2

Maximum power (ECE R 120) kW / hp 210/286

Fuel tank capacity 650 l

Grain tank capacity l 8500

Claas Vario headers:

New drive concept with synchronous transmission for smooth running.

Claas header trailer:

the reapers are automatically attached to the car!

Claas maize header:

8 Series hinged teeth



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