Claas XERION3800 SaddleTrac pack

Claas XERION3800 SaddleTrac pack

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Claas XERION3800 SaddleTrac

with seed and fertilizer constructions

Hi Com,

One can do more.

Successful in business and do more with less machine in no time.

The Xerion SADDLE TRAC opened there new perspectives, where tractors and self-propelled systems

their limits.

With the cab front, above the engine of the Xerion SADDLE TRAC offers optimal Aufsattelm√∂glichkeiten for trailers, slurry tanks, hoppers and more …

Efficient Growing the seed and fertilizer simultaneously in one package, this Saddle Trac

Specializations Xerion:

Switchable dual tires (Num_ 7/8)

tire dust

Rev (page up / down)

Operating hours counter

Steering mode switchable (9)


Caterpillar 6-cylinder, turbo, intercooler

kW / hp / rpm 285/388 at 1800

Claas additional tank for seed:

increased the capacity of the attached drill or potato planter to 10,000 l

is easily recharged on Saattrigger.

Lomma Additional tank for manure:

additional 14,000 liters of fertilizer for spraying or fertilizer spreader

have fun with the mod

! the latest patch is required!



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