Claas Xerion front weight

Origina link

Moin, here once my latest project. A replica of the original Claas Xerion front weight. And before the question comes, NO is not the weight of ice_dealer 🙂
Here’s some info: Basic weight: weight 1,800 kgSpezialmaterial magnetite – Minimum volume at maximum GewichtsauslastungKat. IIIZusatzgewichte: cast iron Weight 400 kgZusatzgewicht for mounting on the base weight variable mounting of up to four additional weights (maximum weight 3400 kg) of construction about 2 days.The additional weights can be switched on via button.
Polys = 4720V Ram = 0:38 MBCredits: model / texture / ingame = [FSM] Chef Thanks to HanZ for nighttime excursion to Maya


Model/Textur/InGame = [FSM]Chefkoch