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Core city Real v 3.02 [MP]

Core city Real

Core city Real

Core city Real

Core city Real

Core city Real

After the v2.52 was so well received and I have long played with ideas for bringing the core city with something special out, now here the core city “Real”.

Since I have changed a lot in the map, she has nothing more to do so itself with the v2.5.

But why “real” you wonder ?! Since I find it very sad in the LS is always equal to starts at the beginning of a beautiful large yard and everything can use the same and thus the game fun drops quickly, I’ve been thinking how can I deal with you longer ^^. Then I comb the idea for the full Grossenhof to make buyable.

So you Starts as a small farmer up in Tannenhausen on because small courtyard, with small fleet and six small fields. Do you have the attitude by assets and can you work for big business high?

Much work is now on.

-Kaufbarer court

> Land must be purchased

> Individual objects Buyable

> BGA Buyable

> Forest Enterprise Buyable

> Taxation, operation, maintenance costs

> Three forest areas

> 42Kaufbare fields

Small industry Now that the brewery and the bakery is built on the map.
required mods

Map buyable Object

Forestry Mod

Slurry manure and lime Mod v2.01

MapDoorTrigger v4.0

Recommended mods


helper tools

Stock price display V 4.2.9

Course Play 3:41

Bank of Hagenstedt

PDA MOD (v0.05)

Multi Sprayer herbicide Mod V 2.1

As for me, the map runs without problems and also the log is clean, I ask you with problems first clean up your modfolder.

A thank you goes out to my testers the many hours have it all possible tested.

Also thanks to all the modders whose objects I could block.

I ask you this map Only on Modhoster to shop! Supports No other links!

I hope that her many hours playing with the map habt.Natürlich I can not make any law it. For one pleases not stop that and the other.

This will also be the last map version of me in LS 13 go first in summer break ^^. Thanks to all for the great time in LS13 and looking forward to show you in LS15 new maps.


Futterhalle mit Kran: Modell + Textur :PaPa
Scripte und Ingame :Alex2009

4.2/5 - (5 votes)


Paradise Final Edition v 5.2 [MP]


MR Zetor 6245


  1. Med The Farmer

    im now downloading this mod

  2. Pascal

    Vorsicht die datei ist kaputt

  3. Jack Agri

    Downloading now!!!
    Hope it works!!

  4. Anonymous

    dude ur maps sucks and for one icant even find the right mads for it and everything else i like ti but it sucks cuz i cant get the right mods for it

  5. nikola


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