Crazy Cow FUN

a Crazy Cow for LS…:D it\’s a tractor with a Cow Skin but i think it\’s a funny Idea…if u don\’t like it,u don\’t must download it!!!
its MP ready…:D
Update List:
– Set volume to 50 L Tank
– Consumption screwed down
– Built-in horn sound
– Weight adjusted
– Reins are displayed with the Farmer
– Set up new farmers
– New store.png
– At the turn of the warning light flashing eyes
– Fixed camera Twisted
Cost in farmingShop: € 5500 LS
Tank: 50 L
Key = Pos1 flashing eyes
Key 0 = mooing as \”Hup Sound\”


Cow model: Unknown
Idea and Assembly: kev22021994
Modder of the reins: blackzeus ©
Converts reins: John Deere 7920
Suggestions and help: BF3 and Cheeky
Convert: EpicPryda

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