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Crosetto CMR200 v 1.0 [MP]

Crosetto CMR200

Crosetto CMR200

Crosetto CMR200

The Crosetto CMR 200 trailer’s maximum capacity is of 41m³.

The trailer is provided with at aluminum square box S355 EN 10025, with gates.


maximum capacity 41.000


in-game skin change

in-game change tires

washable trailer

blinkers and headlights

Additional required mods:

If you want to choose unload side you must have that mod:

Toggle Tip Side


Planes for:

wheat grass grass_windrow dryGrass_windrow barley rape maize potato sugarBeet chaff fertilizer manure woodChip


Model: zBlackLion

Textures: zBlackLion

Dirt Textures: xtrmz

Game / animation: DD ModPassion

Thanks Dani81, SkyNight and Crosetto for the support

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