Deutz Agrotron X720 Tuned

So here is new version of my Deutz Agrotron X720 so in this version is some new stuff read down what is new

What is new?

-Added two additional beacon light with fold function (press M to fold)

-Added rear and side mirrors which operate

-Added invisible bale pusher in front bumper

-Added licences plate in front and rear

-Added exhaust silencer with small chrome details

-Added chrome Deutz logo on the back cover

-Added android computer inside tractor cabine computer not have any function its just for fun

-Added ALLRAD v4 specializations drive with all wheels icon for allrad is in left down positions

if you have activated PDA you can’t see icon (press U for activate 4×4 drive)

-Added working blinker lights in rear and front + blinker sound (press NUMPAD 1,2,3 for turn on/of)

NUM1-Left blinker NUM2-Warning blinker NUM3-Right blinker

-Added working reverse light

-Fixed front wheels position

-Resized front Deutz logo with chrome + changed position above front lights

What remained unchanged??

-Wheels rims


-Decals on rear window

About tractor


Top Speed:60-62 mph

Fuel Tank:600 liters



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