Deutz Fahr Agrotron TTV 7250

Tractor with great texture for the OGF Map / player!

Tractor and functions: Chefkoch_Ls2011

Texture and design: Justinfarmer1 3

Those who grumble at the texture of what should go to Mom because this is my first success!

Log Error Free!

-Many functions

-Great design

Praise and criticism are welcome!

Change or tractor is exhibiting at other sites prohibited!

Lg Herzberg Design 2013

OGF tractor for OGF Map and players!

Version: 2.0 is in labor!


Traktor Funktionen: Chefkoch_Ls2011

Textur und Design: Herzberg Design 2013 (Justinfarmer13)

Frühere 1. Textur : Master Xerion

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