Deutz front loader bucket

Deutz front loader bucket

Deutz front loader bucket

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Hello Mod community

Now I have decided, here are the original Deutz front loader bucket and expanded. The tool I was provided with a worn look (texture) and with this blade you can now 30 types of fruit and 3 construction materials (for transporting) transport (see detailed list below)

Everything it with the appropriate textures and partially adapted particle system. Especially with the use of increasingly becoming multi Fruit maps and the “Alternative Tipping Mod” good.

Loading capacity: 6000 liters (But that could not adapt themselves so each)

Price: 500 € LS

Maintenance: LS-5 € / day

Load (standard): potatoes, sugar beet, silage and manure.

Load (crops V1.0): barley, corn, canola, wheat, spelled, oats, millet, carrots, poppy seeds, rye, soybeans, sunflower, triticale, peas, rice, red cabbage, white cabbage, onions, green wheat, cotton, cucumber , tomatoes.

Load (building material V1.0): sand, gravel, crushed stone.

Changes in V 1.1

Extra load: (At the request of some users)

Chaff (chaff), grass (hay +), straw (wheat and barley) and compound feed (+ food).

Thus, this shovel can also be used for food storage.

Therefore, the loading volume of 6000 l was high.

The images of the textures in the tip and the particle system are converted from my Weidemann shovel, but they are the same textures were used.

Many thanks to “Javier007” for his Texture plan that I have used in part (this is permitted)

For the carrots, red cabbage, white cabbage, onions, cucumbers and tomatoes I have even made their own particle system (see pictures)

‘m Also on other crops and particle systems tuned and the blade will always expand again, with a new version number.

The mod is far Logfehlerfrei, despite several other mods in the mods folder. Course, there are messages in the log file before (“Warning: invalid … fillType …”). This happens when fruit species that are registered in the bucket, but are not supported by the map. But this message does not beeeinträchtigt the game and also occurs only once per crop.

For all those who complain about the same again:

Yes, it is merely the original bucket of GIANTS and nothing special. But perhaps one or the other needs this shovel, as I did, for a multi-Fruit-map. Certainly hope that the “alternative Tipping Mod” is expanded as quickly as possible to the new crops.

Yes, I also know that there are almost no maps until now, support the sand or gravel, but there are some who have ever built a quarry or sand pit, and this might, in another version of the map, eventually come to life.


Javier007 (Texture-Planes)
Steve007 (Used-Look + Multifruit)

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