Farming simulator 2013 mods

Dodge Ram LMS 3500

Dodge Ram LMS 3500

– Manual ignition
– Parking brake
– Flip out side mirrors for towing
– Openable hood with detailed engine
– Detailed in cab view
– operable winch – capable of stationary winching or powered “snatch out” pulling
– Functioning selectable 4 wheel drive
– Dynamic exhaust
– Engine brake
– Wheel dust particles
– Trailer tow package for both gooseneck trailers and bumper pull trailers
– Washable dirt textures
– Lighting v 3.1
– Strobe lights
– Turn signals
– Fog lights
– Bed light
– Object bed attacher


mwlacy, BigCountry, LazyMod Studios FSD, Isotope, BigCountry, Looseterror, TwistedGA, ThompsonM06

4.6/5 - (55 votes)


Fendt Vario 936 v 2.0


John Deere 7810


  1. Anonymous

    cant get it to work but it looks bad ass!! going to keep trying

    • SmokyLobster

      Doesn’t work for me either bra.

      • AuzzyAustin

        It works fine with me just go into my games then select farming sim then hit mods open WinRAR and drag it from WinRAR to mods then close all the tabs and start up farming simulator.

    • kraden

      i can’t either going to trying

    • Anonymous

      you sad it

  2. krystian

    bardzo fajny polecam

  3. court`

    this mod and the peterbilt dump with pump dont work or show up in the game ?>???

  4. anonyomous

    the download is not working

  5. john dere boy

    i download it but i dont see nothing at all!!

  6. your mamas ass

    same here no show take it down fix it

  7. no show

    I downloaded this mod must have been 10 times and the freakin thing won’t show up for me ethier and its really ticking me off but it does look pretty awesome. it would be nice to have a working whinch ecspecally for what I be doin

  8. kacper


  9. tperry1411

    you should make this for farm sim 15

  10. kacper

    taki mod średni

  11. bob diddlebock

    it isnt working. plz make it work. make it have moose mirrors:)

  12. jon doe

    Sweet truck, i use it on the FS13 Salem SD map it works great for me, & theres not any errors in my log that i know of with this mod.

  13. nic hennes

    not working doesn’t show up in the game

  14. hockeyrox

    hi im wanting to know if you can get the mods on the ps3. can someone help me and tell me how to get mods to the ps3. i only have it for the ps3 and i really want the mods so bad please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. timon


  16. adi marian

    nu mer multe mods
    facetile ca mie imi place sa ,a joc cu mods

  17. Anonymous

    This is a nice truck but I don’t know how to get for my ps3

  18. prc


  19. Anonymous

    why can’t we get it on ps3???????????

  20. Player

    You can only get it on pc

  21. floflo

    a merde

    • KACPER

      fajna gra no i bardzo poleczam BOLUSIOWOM V6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HA

  22. hockeyrox

    farming simulator sucks. i officially hate it now. i hate it because they only make mods for pc computer version and not for ps3 and xbox. they only make it for pc. how selfish >:{

  23. Anonymous

    tried so many times

  24. travis

    I love the truck it is not to fast or to show it is a farm truck

  25. Enderman

    this mod is not cool!! im like honda civic

  26. hockeyrox

    you cant make me.c

  27. hhsıs

    biliyoom iyi ye benziyo

  28. FLASHJack1606


  29. Bj

    this is the BEST TRUCK MOD ever!!!!

  30. ty

    I got the mod but when I try to buy it in the store it says no more space

  31. mykal

    Does not work for me.

  32. mitch

    same here

  33. Andrew McCoy

    can you send me that truck i am on a ps3 game farming simulator 2013

  34. my names jeff

    are you gonna transfer this mod for farming simulator 2015

  35. Anonymous

    It looks really nice!

  36. Yo mama

    I have got to get that truck

  37. Shit faced

    This sucks

  38. sr.misterio

    não consigo baixar essa porra

  39. jacob

    i got it to work all you have to do is download it and copy it from you downlods and paste it into your mods then extraxt it

  40. zakimi

    jak to pobrac bo nie umiem pobierac modów

  41. Gaige

    I bet you it wont work because you need the manual ignitoin mod

  42. Jesus ruiz


  43. jio

    pas mal

  44. jio

    How do you download this mod.

  45. Anonymous


  46. john deere

    sweet truck

  47. troy

    goes out of control on corners 4 me

  48. brine200PHIL

    download file. after extract with winzip then zip all the extracted file using winzip. then paste it to Mod file……………. take me long time to figure out. good luck

  49. bart

    ten mod jest super muj wujek ma taki samochud

  50. Big Helper

    Just rename it
    from v1-2 to v1_2

    • Pickle Slice

      Thanks man. Yous idoits foolroe this simple ictrucktions iy will work. im a 9yr old i dont know how to speel words the right way

  51. christoffer


  52. Pickle Slice

    It’s one the best flatbeds I found. KEEP IT UP!! 😀

  53. ana


  54. bertus bokkepoot


  55. veljko

    hocu ksinuti mod

  56. brett

    loks bad ass

  57. Bubba

    Can you send me this mod

  58. Anonymous

    i havnt got it to work eather i tryrd 40 times no luck

  59. miguel


  60. coco85

    très bien

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