Eckart lupus 185

Here I have you converted the Eckart slurry tanker and largely free of errors

What was done:

Textures converted and adapted
new store image
scheme created
brought in nearly real extent (I hope)
Support has been fixed, she went independent (thanks to my helpers)
Content reduced to 19,100 liters
Prices on 46,600 euro set (information from the Internet)

What comes in second version:

lighting scripts
UVs out of range error I will correct
again a small fix to the support
You may still come on it other tires, I should find Matching, I can take without anyone losheult equal …

Known Bugs:

UVs out of range (1 entry in the log)
When you are buying the slurry tank, the support is first up. From next uncoupling it works then as they should. This will also be fixed yet. Have unfortunately only just noticed when I uploaded the mod already, but I think with this error you can live for a while …

I was at the mod in terms of size, as well as the content, as well as he kept the details of Eckart engineering. Thus, as mentioned above, the tank capacity according to the Eckart Lupus set 185 to 19,100 liters. After the usual yardsticks for LS would fit the extent where, with the obligatory scope of + / – 10 cm


Modell: Farmer3 & Cyber11
Textur: Deutzjeck93
Ingame: Dachskiller & Johndeere
LS11 by Mario fixed by whiskas
LS13: SchorschiBW/Modhosterteam