Eisele Gullefass

Hi all,

here have a Eisele Güllefaß for smaller farms.

Because I was still missing a little Güllefaß and Noname in 2011 was available, I did it, and he missed a kovertiert Eisele Güllefaß skin. The Größ and the tire width, I changed my idea after. It runs on the original scripts.

The original model is by Giants. Almsepp2 has, in the 2011 version of the model changed the tires and installed the lighting of Sven777b scripts.

Filling: 6000 ltr.

Working width: 10 m


Model: GIANTS, agrotron_155

Texture: GIANTS, agrotron_155

Revision: almsepp

Lighting scripts: Sven777b

LS 2013 ready and Eisele Skin: Kumö