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Eppleton Farm Map Final v 2.0

Eppleton Farm Map Final

Eppleton Farm Map Final

Eppleton Farm Map Final

Eppleton Farm Map Final

Eppleton Farm Map Final

Eppleton Farm Map Final

This is the Final Version of Eppleton Farm from robbie.

Welcome to Eppleton Farm Final, where all the fields have a realistic sale price and size. There is enough machinery to get you on your way to become, a very wealthy farmer, with lots of time and hard work. On this last version I have added Pigs, real terrain, food storage, and also more fields to tend to.

This will be the Final Version of this map, as I have 2 maps to finish, This Version also has a secret field, you can see it but finding the way to it can be hard at first, but this field is massive and already planted with Canola. There has also been more sales places added and a lot of little thing which make a diffrence, but may not be noticed.

The clip distances have been reduced alot, to give lower pc’s a chance to play, There is a big sea plane which some people might have to delete, if it’s lags too much. Hope you’s enjoy the game as much as I have enjoyed making, thank you for downloading and trying.Created by robbie. Thanks for the Final download.



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  1. BuddyART8

    Nice map love playing on it with my friends

  2. hjoe2

    does not work
    when it’s loading the game crashes
    and it says that the giants engine stopped working

  3. zouzou

    sa ne marche pas !!!!!!!

  4. Jan


  5. nono 43

    bonne map

  6. Anonymous

    Nice! Working well..

  7. Stachu Jones

    Polecam mapka spoks ale jest jest mam dwa fs 13 na jednym sie zamyka

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