Farmer HQ - Engelbert Strauss

LSler Hello!

As I promised you (even under a different name), you will get from me a new Farmerskin with features of Engelbert Strauss.

The following has changed:

– Better 3D effects (shadows, bump mapping)

– Real equipment (overalls esimage, esSpider shirt, cap it, see picture)

– Wear clothes Oiginallogos and prints!

– Clothes partly worn or washed

– Pollution, especially on the shirt and on the knees

– Dusty fingerprints on the brim of the cap and the shirt


You know that:

My file replace the in your mods!

For use in all standard vehicles are located in the installation folder under “data \ character \ farmer \” replace!


My skin is free to use any and he may like to be installed in your mods, but please, it will not load up on other sites!

Have fun with it!