Farming simulator 2013 mods

Farmer Island

Moin, Moin!

Here is a modded map is standart of me.

Differences to Ls13 standard-map:

On site was changed!

-The map has been improved Other Community!

In the cow pasture-2 silos have been added!

And there is an entry was created in the cow pasture!

-The BGA 2 halls have been added!

-Some roads were made of gravel!

Standart Modern machines are running!

By and large, the feel-good factor and improves!


Andre und der Bjarne

4.7/5 - (12 votes)


GAZ 3307 v 2.0


New Holland TC5070 v 1.3

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  1. farmerguy

    Good c:
    its rlly good såå yeah get it

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