For corn cutter New Holland

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Hi guys this is my first skin made for Farming Simulator. From bars Geringhoff respectively 6 and 8 rows of bars I made New Holland! The bars also have the animation of the corn!
I asked permission of their respective authors for reskin and then post them here!
I hope you enjoy and you find it useful!


Pack. Zip containing the bar from 6:08 file: unzip the archive and copy the two compressed folders in My Documents -> My games -> Farming Simulator 2013 -> Mods

NB: There is a problem with the ‘autopilot, when it is activated, the bars close. This problem, however, was already present for the original bar from corn from which I skinnata, for the rest I have not noticed any other errors … only a color change in the roller bar from 6 file that is 2 colors .. deliberately left so that also the view of the above that have helped me for textures.


Author: chrisi22
Edit: Burner
Maize animation: Kangsted
New Holland Skin: david Elleri
We thank also Leo98, riky724 for helping me giving me the material for the skin and boa99 for helping me edit. Xml file.

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