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Freidl Quaderbaler

Freidl Quaderbaler

Freidl Quaderbaler

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selfdriver with pickup und squarebaler for straw – and haybales four-wheel drive and all-wheel steering, operatinghours, eslimiter, worklight back, wheelparticle he make the original-squarebales ! shopprice: 189000 €, maintenance: 189 € / day multiplayer yes not helper Polys: 59000, Total VRAM: 7 MB then mod and the brand “Freidl” is an invention of mine.


modder: usxi7sd
extrascripts: ESLimiterV3
driving Particle System: Manuel Leithner

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Multi Furit SBR 35 v1.0 [MP]


John Deere 7810 2wd

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