Fuhrmann 32 HA

Fuhrmann 32 HA

Hey Com,

By popular demand, I have the carter trailer rebuilt again a little. (For the last time, so the final version)

Fruit planning something corrected

Ride again adjusted (should be the loading volume corresponding tractor used but)

New crop varieties

Revised lighting, license plate light and turn signals

Revision skin

… So everything that was in the sensible comments of the previous

Loading capacity: 32 m³

fruitTypes = “chaff grass_windrow wheat_windrow barley_windrow sugarbeet potato wheat barley rape maize grass manure oat rice rye sunflower poppies soybean silage triticale

Häckselaufbau NumPad 7

dirtInterval = “2” cleaningInterval = “15” updateInterval = “0.5”

and for all who read this far:

! It requires the latest beta patch!

so please do not comment “crashes the game for me”

And the log message Warning: ‘C :/ …….Fuhrmann32HA/Fuhrmann.xml’ has invalid fillType …

is also normal when the fruits on the map are not available