With this mod you add all vehicles added a GPS assistance system.

Perhaps the most important change for V1.0: The whole is now fully MP-compatible! But also for SP-player there are some changes.


The system can be used actively and passively.

In passive mode, the system displays a trace line on which one can orient oneself.

In active mode, the assistance system takes over the steering of the tractor and keep it in the lane.


All controls are invoked with CTRL (to the left) and the numeric keypad!

Switching: Ctrl + KP 0

Align lanes at the position and direction of the vehicle: Ctrl + KP Enter

Enable steering: Ctrl-W

Manually increase working width: Ctrl + KP Plus

Manually reduce working width: Ctrl + KP minus

Offset manual left / right: Ctrl + or Ctrl + high picture picture down

Invert Offset: Ctrl-left shift

Offset to zero: Ctrl + high + picture picture down

Switch LS11/L13er-Winkelverhalten: Ctrl + KP 1

Take GPS profile from the nearest vehicle: Ctrl + KP 2

Working width and offset automatically determine: Ctrl + KP 3

GPS Display Mode switch: Ctrl + KP

Put GPS profile (save): Ctrl + KP *

Calling GPS profile (load): Ctrl + KP /


Bottom left of the HUD-rpm mod (if you have it installed) is a small HUD. The first is by default set to “Off” and the mod does nothing. Activate the GPS system goes with “Ctrl-0”. The system is now in passive mode.

Now turn on a working width of the implement used with CTRL Plus and CTRL Minus. The red dashed lines indicate for the edges of the lane, you have the width of its attachments do not know by heart so. For attachments in which the center of the working region different from the center of the vehicle (side mower, plows) can also be set up or a shift of the driving lane from the center (offset). To this end shifts to the blue line with Ctrl or Ctrl-high picture picture down. Alternatively, you can adjust the settings automatically using Ctrl-3 system.

Now you drive the vehicle to where you want to begin the first lane and initializes the system with CTRL-ENTER. Here, the lanes at the current position and direction of the tractor is anchored. Precise alignment of the tractor is not required for this, the GPS system is based as well as the helper in the angular distribution of soil textures. For non-rectangular fields can change the behavior (Ctrl-1). When you initialize the exact orientation of the vehicle is then taken. For better control of the applied lane the edges of the lane are briefly extended significantly.

To work in passive mode can now only has to start his machine and follow the green line.

To start steering assistance (Active mode) just press CTRL-W. During a brief intervention in the steering, the system immediately switches back into passive mode.

If you switch now the ES-limiter and cruise control added to the tractor steers itself continuously over the field. You can look around in peace, the work unit and will start again on the headland.

Advanced Features:

You can replace GPS profiles between different tractors on a “clipboard”. For this purpose we store the current settings by pressing CTRL-A * from the tractor, tractor switches to B and calls it there with CTRL /.

Alternatively, and especially designed for MP you can copy the GPS profile of the nearest vehicle with Ctrl-third

For working with rotary plows and similar devices can be inverted by pressing Ctrl-Shift left the set offset, ie move to the other side of the vehicle.

With CTRL, you can vary the display mode of the mod and track deviation display or hide a track lines. You can also completely hide the HUD now.

Changelog V2:

* First of all, the most important: MP works now! And produce no extra network-traffic! 🙂

* Changed handling characteristics with GPS off remedied keyboard drivers.
That was actually a reason and was not conceited. However, this is now fixed with ignition switched power steering

* Reversible Angle mode: You can now determining the angle (“rounded” on soil texture angle) between LS13 and LS11-helper type-helper type (exact orientation of the tractor) switch. The representation of the lane boundary (red lines) in the alignment is to facilitate the alignment of the “LS11” mode significantly extended.

* GPS Profiles of tractor are synchronized in the MP now. You can get off so the next one can sit and continue with the same GPS settings.

* GPS clipboard is MP-capable. A player stores his profile, player B chooses load profile and the profile of player A has at its current tractor.

* For non-symmetrical tools (eg: side) is a function of lateral offset (offset) is added.

* Implemented the GPS function to copy profile from the nearest vehicle. This should be a simple alternative to the copy & paste method. Works in MP probably much smoother, simply because you have to deny less.

* Function together for the automatic recognition of working width and offset of all attachments.

* Offset into account when initializing. The vehicle is also now at an offset after the initialization in the lane.

* Numerical display tracking error offset account

* Offset inverted push of a button, for example to work with rotary plows.

I wish you relaxed acres! 🙂


GPS-Skript: upsidedown
Grafiken: eribus
Tester: bullgore, Kubo, SchorschiBW

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