Grass texture summer meadow

To ask for a summer meadow I even think I dared to create for you!

Whether it is suitable for LOW PC’s I can not tell you that you have to test yourself!

Texture inserted as follows.

Installation directory: EureMap / textures / foliage .. in there!
Keep a backup copy of the original texture.

Subcontracting by proliferation of Mapbau, and thereby such publication is my Texur Strictly to recommend ^ ^
But call me as Urmodder .. Thank you

The set in other forums or
Communities is desirable but only with the original download link!

Oh jaaaaaa … In the zip there are 4 images and the briefing as the Funzt! not complained ye nacher 🙂

I wish you lots of fun 😉


Ps: For damage to the computer or insert the game by unsachgemäses I am not responsible!

sorry had to be.



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