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Gulp Map v 3.0 Multifruit

Gulp Map

Gulp Map

Gulp Map

Gulp Map

Here I present you my map available.

The map has been around since the beginning of LS 11 and is held in the Polish style. Since my performence is more important and whistles on any Schnik was omitted

and thus should run fine on any computer.

Ran in SP / MP about 250 h without problems.

The score must be started!

Wither is off

To the map:

– The I3d. has 48.6 MB

– 246.4 hectares of arable land in 14 fields of 8.8 – 26.6 ha size

– 2 large meadows

– Large fleet

– BGA silos, each with 4 large capacity 1.500.000l

– Transport + Milk Truck

– Cows and sheep

– Cereals AG with 4 stations for sale: wheat, barley, rape, maize, potato, sugarbeet, manure, liquidManure

silage, grass_windrow, wheat_windrow, barley_windrow

Wool and pigs

– Small pond for the Watermod

Changelog V2:

– BGA rebuilt

– More details

– Mud pots away

– Minor adjustments

– Spinning away (sales in grain AG)

Changelog V3:

– 4 new fruits installed: oats, rye, sunflower, Green Wheat

– Rebuilt farm

– Rebuilt pasture

– Built-in feed stores (built on large request)

Installed certificates mast Cow & Water Mod V3 Marhu –

– New stable

– New grass texture

Built workshop at the dealer –

– Added scripts from Galli84 income (the values can be any self-adjust)

– One has only 3 of 14 fields owned

So now do not forget a lot of fun and a rating 🙂

A big thanks goes to:

All modders whose objects i have used

On my tester Belarus MTS 50 & Gungnir from the United LU – Daberkow for SP / MP tests



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