Hawe SLW Pack

Hawe SLW Pack

Hello people,

because of technical reasons we first can not continue working on this project, but many have asked for, now comes out the version second Warning, this is always the time being a beta version!

Why a beta? Because the mod nor a par Texture warnings out there that are still not resolved, if we’ve found time.

We hope for your understanding. Who has pleasure to participate in the project can send a personal message and briefly explain to us, yes, he wants to contribute to the project (for example) script obstruct lighting).

What’s new?

File does not need to be unpacked

new tires

new textures

What is yet again when time is it?

new scripte

solving errors error

some new textures

We are still looking leeute that we can create an AO texture and the thing would pay, because we do not have the capabilities and experience with texturing.