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Hemp booth to grow industrial hemp v 1.0 final [SP]

Hemp booth to grow industrial hemp

This Hanfhüsli can be placed anywhere on the map.
The so-earned money will be transferred to their account every hour.

The hemp plant is also known as “plant of the future”, since you can make from this plant include materials and fuel.

Price: 50000 €

Upkeep: 5 € / day

Revenue: € 15 / hour

Ps: To satisfaction is guaranteed the optimum growth rate of cannabis plants and to optimize the yield, the tender shoots are fertilized with manure and water. This requires the manure that is produced by cows and fresh water from nearby wells.


Modell: GIANTS
Textur: GIANTS
Fruchttextur: Da Huaba

4.7/5 - (4 votes)


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  1. александр

    А полиция не загребёт? За выращивания наркотических средств

  2. nigel6969

    fucking great mod

  3. Rudolf

    Que Bosta vei vai aprende a fazer mods

  4. erva vermelha

    o os cara noiadao md de maconha c desse pra pegar e fumar seria daora

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