Highline Pack

Here for you now my Scania Highline + new trailer
Scania Highline:
Bel. v31
Operating Hours
Warning light / speed camera
Working light, front / rear
Speed about 75km / h
MP capable
The trailer does not correspond to the original model, and by the arrangement of the axes is certainly a bit strange.
loaded with:
wheat rape maize barley chaff potato Sugarbeet
Volume: 32000
2 steering axles
Bel. v31
MP capable
Log remain healthy for me.
You liked me, you can send comments or suggestions for improvement, as surely one or the other still does not fit or work experience. This would then in a v2 as well as we catch up with.
To those who constantly complain at all, just what makes it better. I put my mods here as they are ok for me.
A thank you to all who helped in the implementation.

Author: Scania Power

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