Hilken HI2250SMK

Hilken HI2250SMK

Hilken HI2250SMK


After an eternity, and still more work is now finally the Hilken dump truck released. There were always changes and modifications and the last slightly larger intervention, were the particle systems. I decided to remove the shader plan, which are read from the Marshalls addon, because this unfortunately impossible to modify my ideas themselves. Instead, I inserted classic Partieklsysteme and they changed a lot, so they now look quite presentable.
Since I still have to perform a few changes to the texture of the blue / gray trailer, now appears the first green / red. The blue / gray but is still forwarded during the week.
Thanks again to Hugo00’s for testing in MP and you have fun with the tipper!


This Baumulde the company Hilken is built in a heavy design and holds all loads. The chassis with the swing axle, allows the maximum tire contact and off road.
The dump truck is indeed a bit in the years and you can see him on the hard use, but technically he is in perfect condition.

is clean
Have you but one warning, in the stands, that the fruit “wood chip” is unknown, it’s not the trailer, but remember that you have no Forstmod it. In this case, the warning can be ignored, it also has no effect on the performance of the game.

39884 polygons


Copy the ZIP file to your mods folder.

1: 1
Volume: 18500 Liter
Tandem suspension with swing axle
Light script
Two color versions (green / red and blue / gray)
Fruits: wheat, rape, maize, barley, chaff, potatoes, sugar beets, grass, hay, straw, silage, mixed ration, manure, fertilizer, wood chips


Model / texture / ingame: mailman
Lichtscript3.1: Sven777b

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