The SW 3500S Horsch drill is to place with their attachments in a position to corn, as well as standard types of fruit such as wheat, rape, sugarBeet and barley. A robust machine with many features, but you convinced yourself of the immense clout … 😉 Layout: X button: Attachments O button: transport mode on / off Press J: seed hopper on / off N key: Cultivators on / off Button B: sowing machine on / off Key point: the left hand row marker Button. Point: the right hand lane Reisser Button – Slash dig row marker and fold Key rshift right shift: Empty Fuel Tank Capacity Elder backquote key: tramlines on / off Ö semicolon key: Jump side row marker with a button automatically


V1 LS09: Outlaw V2 LS11: AlesK V3 06/2012: washable, tuning, sounds, dirttextur, Store, usw. by bullgore scripts und scripttuning mp by hummel 1:1 Carsten/Fin050808 V4 LS13: Emil Sonesson

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