Hurliman XL165 7

Hurliman XL165 7

Here we have an original LS13 Hürlimann 130

This has a new outer skin (green) and inner (brown) get to new WHEELS BJR Modding.Fahreigenschaften a little changed and still installed illuminated speedometer.

Except for the ESL limiter with 2025 hours is the original vehicle.

Used price: € 72,315

Power: 125 kW / 170 hp

Vehicle can be found again under Miscellaneous in the shop, as rental vehicle

No Pflugmod

no Betreibsstunden

Do not open any doors or windows

not Washable

No all-wheel scripts

No wiper scripts

No Real Lights

No lighting scripts

And the newspaper he is not alone bring.

Have or hate as you want nothing, absolutely standard to play and love.

The thing is running as bad as it looks, there is not real and it probably never will be.

I wish you much fun while commenting ablästern and various technical discussions. Sure you could do something in two minutes, I also know that without mods 300 Scripts are good for nothing, denoch I would not deprive you of this thing nailed together.


Giants: Basis
Shippy: Verunstaltung / pinseln
BJR Räder

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