After ZT 323-A has responded to me on the question of the person releasing “yes do that,” I sal here from his HW80 as conversion for LS2011 LS2013 for download.

Light script, cover, all standard types of fruit, silage, manure

As far as I know, ZT 323-A is the Urmodder.Vielen Thanks for this model and release.

Plane: LS-Modsource.com @ Geri-G

Lighting v3.1.1: Sven777b

For the whiners:
Yes, it may be that he something “unfavorable” is or after the purchase.


Modell: ZT 323-A
Plane: LS-Modsource.com @Geri-G
Beleuchtung v3.1.1: Sven777b