IH 400 Cyclo planter

This is the IH 400 Cyclo seeder by Knagsted converted for FS 2013

Planter technology Drastically changed in 1971 When the IH Cyclo
what Introduced planter. This revolutionary machine eliminated
the need for planter plates, clutch and all other components on
other planters. IH used on air metering system to Provide the
ultimate in planting accuracy. The key to the cyclo planter which
a stainless steel drum planter. Changing from corn to beans
required a simple change of drums rather than row unit plates
found on other brands. The cyclo therefore Offered bulk fill planting
Which was first in industry. CaseIH Offered the cyclo planter
through 1998

Working width: 4.57m
Capacity: 500L
Usage: planting maize, sugarbeets

Fills from any trailer or Containing maize sugarbeets
(Back up next to trailer, press m to fill)

N: raises / lowers planter turns on / off

M: planter fills (when next to trailer)

J: turns on / off liquid fertilizer (never needs to be refilled)

numpad 1: lowers left marker
numpad 2: raises markers
numpad 3: lowers right marker


model and textures: Knagsted
FS 2013: ccs101
FS 2013 script edits: jeremytyler662

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