IHC 2388 EU Version

IHC 2388 EU Version

Hi I have found the thresher in a Eastern European Forum

Please unpack
in the pack included:
Thresher IHC 2388Eu
Cutting unit carriage

Instructions for driving:

Those who do not get along, here again a stripped German translation by me: With “Y” can you drive on as normal as any Drescher, or Difficult (setting from the beginning). with the numpad key “.” (Or KP “.”) You start the engine. To difficult adjustment from driving on the gas can de-down backwards with the “Numpad +” and press “numpad -“. Gears with “Numpad /” and “numpad 3” So now you’d have to go 😉 handbrake is the “Space” key, and the foot brake is “S” for the hand brake but you must be at 0%. (Numpad “*”) Dreschmotor turn: “L” open for EU version tank: “K” Then you have the RPS fully untwisting (“Numpad 4” increase, “Numpad 6” cut) (I play always on full blast) + – 2400rps If you crank up the well, he also runs faster. To thresh you should gear shift on 2 questions and speed to + – 50% So now can de thresh the Num7-Pad9 can see the “grain loss” less than or greater make (lower indicator in cab) for barley 950 good for 1050 wheat, canola 1000th (Display is under the RPMS display. Loss when you see an advertisement drops to zero-Automatic happens when everything is right above the other), the type of grain-size you can use “.” determine is just not well displayed (small wheel on the left bar in cabin) (If the screen display) cutting can be lowered with a “V”, but if you want to control it manually, pressing de “numpad ENTER” and then you can de with “NUMPAD2-Numpad8” lift-up. Teach the grain tank goes with the “N” key when you are driving yourself. The helper teaches him everywhere like itself ATTENTION! If you’re not on the trailer, and teachest the tank, you will lose the contents! If you want to disable on-the straw chopper, you must back go to the thresher and there, press “B” when you need something repairing press (breack down), also go to the thresher back, “U”, head goes down, then Press “H” and then he asks Yes or No if no, then press “N” if Yes, then press “Z”. think that would be it until now times. (Because Z QWERTY keyboard) Can also with “,” switch down, and then the mirror – turn – or Indorcamera (cabin camera) to the front-rear-right-left move with keys / 5,6,7,8, 9) or on reel fashion, slow-moving on the reel faster, from-front-back value


Modelle: Knagsted
Script: Knagsted
Konvertiert ls13: @lex
Anleitung aus LS 11: windtalker-88

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