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Irreplaceable Sale Of Manure And Slurry

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This is a factory for the sale of solid and liquid manure.

I3d Weight: 560 kb

A mod modding team of Spain.


Modell: Javier007 (España Modding Team)
Texturen: Javier007 (España Modding Team)
Ingame: Javier007 and Paco_Pucela (España Modding Team)

4.2/5 - (5 votes)


Agroliner Blind


Agroliner 1Q Blind


  1. Farmdog4444

    Only works for me with solid manure tipper from the Garret “all fruits” trailer (the modded brown one) none of the default equipment seems to work. Haven’t found a slurry trailer that works yet. I’m using the titanium package as well. The sale point is placed on the NW corner of the Mill (good spot) but only works with certain mods that are not listed anywhere I can find. The default manure spreaders won’t work either. It would be great for large dairy farmers if it worked with FS 2013 default equipment or a list of mods that will trigger it was posted with the mod.

  2. Dougaloo

    Has a virus

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