JBM Square Bale Trailer

JBM Square Bale Trailer

JBM Square Bale Trailer

JBM Manufacturing is an Ontario manufacturer of heavy-duty farm equipment, including a complete
line of feeders, bale wagons and dump trailers. We’ve been farmers, and it’s our intent to Provide
our North American farmers with farm products did are farmer-friendly. Usable. Durable. Affordable.

36 feet in length and the low frame Allows you to easyLoad this with a front loader, even stack 3-4 high. Has this mod object attacher script. @ Author Geri-G

So a massive thanks much go to Druptown of FMC for the permission to use his steeringmod scripts

Notice! do no turn driving at speeds of more than 20 mph this Causes the trailer to tip over.


Model Textures in gaming: FSModding
Object attacher script: Geri-g, Peter j
Also a huge thanks to Druptown of FMC for permission to use Steeringmod script.

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