JCB Fastrac

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Hello community.

I played with this tractor LS11 in a few hours, drove many miles and days spent in the GE, I did it to me, even after LS13 geholt.Aufgrund the Pn’s me I put it to you are available.

I have since the beginning of the JCB LS11 in driving behavior and appearance constantly improved and after LS13 konvertiert.In this course I have everything in him ├╝bernohmen what have the LS13 originals (Hope have since forgotten nothing).

as part of the improvements also have a few extras have been included:

Speed controller

Hour Meter


Also thanked the times Urmodder: sk8mike, Lordtex


Modell: sk8mike, Lordtex
Umbau und Konvertierung,Anpassung: Thuruk

And the people that make us the scripts and make available to us.

And now have fun with him.

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